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Say Goodbye to Ebay Deathpiles
Most people sure enjoy going out on the hunt to source items, but less people enjoy the listing stage. Unfortunetly, listing items is the most vital step in reselling. When we list, we have to sway the buyer to make a purchase. If all we do is buy and not list properly, we will quickly go out of business. Here are my top 5 tips I give to people in order to stay focused and constatnly listing. Death to deathpiles!

Step 1: Set up a regular schedule to list. Wheter its just one hour of listing or four hours, make sure you have set time to list. For example, Mon-Thursday from 9am to 12pm is listing time only. Stick to it! Just like any other appoinment, be it gym class, yoga class or school. Don't skip your daily set time to list.

Step 2: Get the ten items you think are most important or ten highest profit items. Set these ten items aside from the bigger deathpile and focus on finishing those items. Let those ten items a day be your goal until you get into more of a groove. Don't worry about the big deathpile, just focus on the ten items in front of you. "Chunking" items into small piles helps lessen the load.

Step 3: Listen only to instrumentl music during listing! Avoid listening to music with lyrics. More importantly avoid listening to Youtubers and learning during listing. When you list, you cannot learn and focus on your work. Do one thing at a time. List first, then listen and learn from Youtube Resellers ( Craigslist Hunter , Rockstar Flipper , Prof Sales , Global Voodoo , Resale Rabbit ).

Step 4: Take a break during listing, even if its a five minute break. Walkaway from the computer or smart phone for a few minutes to give yourself a mental distraction. Refresh your your brain then get back to it.

Step 5: Get an accountability partner / board: It helps to tell a person you reached your daily listing goal. Tell them briefly what listed and how you feel for having doine so. If you don't having anyone, write it down on a white board. Every time you reach your goal, or don't reach your goal, jot it down on your whiteboard. Be accountable!

If you dont list, you won't sell. Get rid of those awful deathpiles by folling these steps.

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