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"My Review of Crazylister" (May '18)
Since I started selling on ebay back in 2013, I had never used any 3rd
party company to promote or beautify my listings. That all changed when I
decided to give Crazylister a chance and see if it would increase my
For 5 months I subscribed to the basic package for about 45 dollars a month. With it, I could have add 500 listings to 2 ebay accounts. I must admit that the templates look very clean and polished. They do add an element of professional look and are very easy to to design. Within minutes, I had my first listings modified with a better look, logo and full information. I must say, I did enjoy the effective feel Crazylister adds to my listings.

It is easy to get access to one's ebay accounts and link them to Crazylister. Moreover, I did seem to get a bump in sales using their templates. They made my listings look so much more polished. It was easy enough to get my listings on Crazylister and I do believe it my sales spike up  a bit during the months that I used this service.

However, the I just think that the price is a bit too high. Now I see that prices for 500 ebay listings on 2 accounts is at 40 dollars, down by 5 dollars when I joined months ago. For someone like me, this plan would work great if it was just about 10 dollars less. While the service is very helpful and quite easy to use, the price point might just be a bit out of my reach.

While I do recommend Crazylister for its simplicity of use as well as its nice, clean templates, one thing that annoyed me about the service was its difficulty in cancelling the service. I tried to cancel after using it for several months, but it took me over a week to finally be able to do so. You see, in order to cancel, you have to speak to one of their representatives and they customer service hours end at 6pm central standard time. By the time I got out of my day job, their hours were over and I could not cancel. I had to wait several days when I finally got out early enough from work so I could talk to someone in their customer service and I was finally able to cancel their service.

All in all, I was satisfied with their service. The templates do add a nice flair and professional touch the the ebay listings, but the price was out of my reach. It might not be for you! Give them a try and see for yourself.

Are you a part-time ebay seller and thinking of joining Crazylister? Read our review to decide!

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